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Scalp Formula 1 Shampoo

by Hope's Relief


200ml pump bottle




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  • There is Hope...there is Relief.
  • Soothes and controls itchy, flaky scalp.
  • Controls - itchy scalp and flaking.
  • Moisturises - softens dry scalp.
  • Soothes - calms dry, itchy and irritated scalp.


This highly concentrated and therapeutic formula is made with 5 natural herbal extracts combined with the gentlest cleansers to help relieve itchy, flaky scalp. Your hair will have a healthy shine, body and bounce.

Hope's Relief Formula 1 Shampoo assists in the relief of itchy, flaky scalps associated with dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and dandruff.

It is gentle, unscented and sulfate free.


Manuka Honey.
Aloe Vera.
Gotu Cola.

Free From

Coal Tar.
Artificial Colour.


pH balanced.
Alkaline free.

To Use

Ideal for frequent use and for both irritated and healthy scalps. Suitable and gentle for babies, children and adults with sensitive skin.

Wet hair thoroughly and massage well into scalp and hair.
Rinse and repeat if desired.

The formulation is based on the active ingredients as in the highly successful Hope's Relief Cream.

Comments & Customer Reviews

Hope's Relief - Scalp Formula 1 Shampoo

" 2 great products. I recommend them highly. Really work "  SH Romsey

" Just hoping scalp formula helps my new condition of psoriasis. I love your products. "  HKJ Manchester

" This shampoo and conditioner has been fantastic and for the first time in years I do not have a flaky or itching scalp. Would highly recommend "  SH Romsey

" Both the shampoo & conditioner are really amazing. I've had an itchy scalp, psoriasis and eczema. Basically it's just clearing up. "  VP Cheadle

" This is wonderful product and I shall continue buying it. It does what it says. however it is a clear liquid and the tube format is a bit of a spill to use, it would be better in a more stable container. "  RE Christchurch

" Hope's Relief has rid me of psoriasis of the scalp for the first time in 35 years!! "  MS Swanage

Hope's Relief Herbal Hair

Hope’s Relief Hair Care.

  • Therapeutic hair care for itchy, dry scalps.

Therapeutic herbal formula for Sensitive Skin, Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis and Dandruff.

Healthy scalp = healthy hair.

Free from all Sulphates and Alkaline, it is ph balanced, unscented and completely natural.

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