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Zam-Buk - Zam-Buk Traditional Antiseptic Ointment

Zam-Buk Traditional Antiseptic Ointment

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RC-100 | 20g tin | £ 3.99 | Add to Basket

20g tin
£ 3.99 | Add to Basket

Zam-Buk - Zam-Buk Herbal Ointment (tube)

Zam-Buk Herbal Ointment (tube)

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RC-102 | 90ml tube | £ 6.99 | Add to Basket

90ml tube
£ 6.99 | Add to Basket

Zam-Buk - Zam-Buk Herbal Soap

Zam-Buk Herbal Soap

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RC-101 | 85g bar | £ 4.99 | Out of Stock

85g bar
£ 4.99 | Out of Stock

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  • The great herbal embrocation.
  • Always keep a tin handy.

Zam-Buk is a highly acclaimed traditional embrocation with a multitude of uses.

Zam-Buk first appeared on chemists shelves in Great Britain in 1903 in a time before antibiotics, and was an important first–aid medicine for any cuts or abrasions of the skin preventing infection.

Take a step back into the Victorian era and Zam-Buk was every where, painted on the side of buildings, in newspaper adverts and dotted around households in the UK.