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Laundry Perfume & Fabric Softener - Tropical Flowers

by Ecoizm


10ml bottle




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  • Super concentrated.
  • Each 10ml bottle is enough for 20 washes!


Ecoizm Super Concentrated Laundry Perfume & Fabric Softener - with the sweet aroma of tropical flowers - is a unique product and a wonderful alternative to conventional fabric softeners and perfumes.

This combination of fragrance oils with plant-based emulsifiers makes your clothes smell wonderful and fresh.

Its super-concentrated formula means that it uses less plastic, creates less waste and so is good for the environment.

It is biodegradable and made with biological fermentation.

Fragrance oils create a lovely smell for your clothes and as they are concentrated, you only need a small amount.

Ecoizm Super Concentrated Laundry Perfume can be used straight from the bottle as a laundry perfume or it can be transformed into a perfumed fabric softener.


So concentrated that only 10-20 drops are needed per wash and so there is less waste, less plastic used.

Easy to transport and have a smaller carbon footprint.

Fragrances are essential oils and nature-identical fragrance oils to keep your laundry smelling amazing.

Free from cationic surfactants, phthalates or synthetic dyes.
Can also be used to fragrance water when washing the floor.

To Use

As a Laundry Perfume:
- Add 10-20 drops of Ecoizm Laundry Perfume to your laundry detergent for an added burst of fragrance.
Wash as usual.

As a Perfumed Fabric Softener:
- Simply mix 10-20 drops of Ecoizm with up to 100ml of vinegar and pour into fabric softener compartment.
Wash as usual.

Vinegar also descales the washing machine and boosts the colours of textiles! Scale can stick on the fibres of clothes that makes the colours greyish and the fabric hard. Vinegar can solve all these problems, just replace fabric softeners with it. Don't worry about the smell of vinegar: it will go away soon after washing.



  • Super-concentrated laundry perfumes & fabric softener.
  • Natural & Eco friendly.

We are very excited to introduce Ecoizm Laundry Super Concentrate Laundry perfumes to the UK.
This is a range of super-concentrated laundry perfumes in 3 fragrances: Lavender, Tropical Flowers and Spring Freshness. They can be used straight from the bottle as a fragrance boost for your laundry or mix with vinegar to create a perfumed laundry softener.

An alternative to the large plastic bottles full of synthetically fragranced fabric softener and conditioner, this is a concentrated product fragranced as naturally as possible, but without the need for huge plastic bottles or ingredients such as cationic surfactants, dyes and phthalates and dyes.

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