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Savant Eye Logic

Eye Logic


Eye Logic

10ml spray bottle


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Key Info

  • Spray relief for Dry Eyes.
  • Apply to closed eyelids.
  • No more drops!


A Liposomal Eye Spray that stabilises the lipid layer of the dry eye, improving lubrication of the eyes and eyelids.

Improves comfort for wearers of Contact Lenses.

Can be applied when wearing make-up.

You won't find a dry eye treatment that is simpler to use as it is simply sprayed onto the CLOSED eyelid which makes it particularly ideal for anyone who finds drops inconvenient or uncomfortable.


Contains over 100 metered doses.

Eye Logic eye spray contains preservatives which assure it of a long life without deterioration.

Once opened it is safe to use up to six months after initial use.

What For

Relieves the symptoms of dry eyes:
- Burning feeling or dryness
- Tiredness of the eyes
- Gritty feeling

Soothes sensitivity to light commonly associated with:
- Contact Lens wear
- Computer use
- Air Conditioning
- Pollution
- Smoke
- UV Sunlight
- Driving
- Laser eye surgery

To Use

Hold approximately 10cm away from your closed eyes and spray 1-2 times on each eye.

General recommendation: Spray 3-4 times per day. For more severe cases, use more often without concern.

Safe for use with contact lenses.

Should not be used simultaneously with eye medicine. An interval of 10 minutes should be allowed between the two application.


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Product Comments & Customer Reviews

" I would like to say how good your Eye Logic is, I have suffered for years with Dry Eyes and have monthly drops from the surgery, which don't help much. Thank you. "  B.L, Cardiff

" After Eye Test revealed I had very healthy eyes and good vision (I am 74), I've had watery eyes in summer for years, and after trying many eye drops etc, I've now found a wonderful cure for light intolerance with your Eye Logic Spray. Thank you so much for this wonderful product. "  S. D., Kidderminster