Colibri Wool Protector Drawer Sachets (Lemongrass)

Colibri Wool Protector Drawer Sachets (Lemongrass)

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Protect your woollens - even cashmere - with these fragrant sachets infused with essential oils.

These sachets create a cocoon of natural protective fragrance which will keep wool, silk and other precious fabrics safe.

These wonderful products repel insects in a completely natural manner while offering a very pleasant alternative to chemical repellants.

The fragrance is blended from several natural essential oils and botanical extracts and the light fresh aroma sends a fragrant message to the most bothersome insects (flies, moths, mosquitoes and fleas) to keep away.

All the sachets are hand produced and packed in a recycled cotton paper envelopes.

Use all year for maximum protection and replace every six months.


100% natural botanical essences from Eucalyptus, Vetiver, Clove and Lemongrass Oil.

Free From

They contain no chemical insecticide or toxic ingredients and are absolutely safe.

Packaged in recycled cotton paper.

Hand produced with care for the environment and concern for social development in Tamil Nadu, India.

To Use

Just place in drawers, amongst woollens and hang in the wardrobe for year long protection from moths and also to prevent musty, stale odours.

Choose From

Lemongrass Drawer Sachets - pack of 3 sachets
Lemongrass Mini Sachets - pack of 5 sachets
Lemongrass Hanging Sachet - Single sachet

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Colibri - Wool Protector Drawer Sachets (Lemongrass)

" Great that you have the Colibri products back. "  JS, Nottingham